Ambulatory Infusion Centers (AIC)

KabaFusion offers Ambulatory Infusion Centers strategically located across the country, which provide a comfortable and safe alternative to receiving infusion therapies in hospital or at home. Please call our office to see which ones may meet your geographic needs.

Ambulatory services allow you to receive quality healthcare while avoiding expensive hospitalization, and the ability to complete your IV therapy by scheduling appointments convenient for your normal daily routine. 

Our AICs use advanced technology and are staffed by experienced and highly skilled infusion nurses who administer and supervise treatment at all times. Our nurses are IV certified. Additionally, our small nurse-to-patient ratio assures each patient receives much direct attention.

AIC Locations by State


Available Infusion Services

  • Acute Therapies

    • IV Antibiotics
    • IV Iron
    • IV Hydration
    • IV Solumedrol
  • Chronic Care Therapies

    • Biologicals
      • IVIG
      • Remicade
      • Tysabri
    • Injectables
      • Self-injectable training
    • Nursing services
      • PICC line placement and managment
      • Implanted port management and refilling

Clinical Services

  • Disease management teaching by nursing staff
  • Patient counseling by in-house pharmacists
  • PICC line management
  • Patient teaching and administration by Infusion Nurse Specialists

Facilities Provided

Our centers are designed for patient comfort, since infusion treatment can sometimes take several hours, and are equipped with comfortable, ergonomic chairs, flat screen TV, and a portable DVD player with a DVD selection to make your visit more enjoyable. We also provide you with other comforts like: pillows, warm blankets, books and magazines. If you get hungry, we have complimentary snacks, soda, and coffee available.

Referral Procedure

Appointments to the KabaFusion Ambulatory Infusion Center require signed physician and medication orders. These orders may be faxed at 877·445·8821. KabaFusion insurance experts will assist you in obtaining insurance pre-authorization for your treatment.

For referral and other information, contact us at 877·577·4844.